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Completely Free

This 2012 product is completely free and and is easy to use. You can rewrite and review this freeware wifi unlocker stealer code and resell it if you want. This software will tell you how to hack Wireless Router password for free and easily using cmd. It works on Windows PC, Laptop, Android Samsung Galaxy Y devices and you can download this software without no survey shits.In future you can download this software for iPhone Cydia and iPod Touch 4G App without Jailbreaking your device..

How it works?

You need to have router keygen for some programming & networking knowledge to completely understand the mechanism of the software. But, in short it searches for the WiFi around it and connect to them. Watch “WiFi Hacker 2015 (100% Working and Completely Free WiFi Hacking Software)”  And, start receiving the packets from them and analyzing it. Finally, it tries to decrypt the packets to get the WiFi password. You can easily bypass and hack any locked Wifi signal with username and password on Windows 7,8 and Mac password protected WiFi network with no surveys. And also Watch out How to Hack WiFi Password in 5 Minutes.

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WiFi Hacked

Completely Free

Works on all Windows Version


User Friendly Design

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Automatic Updates

Help Files Included

WPS Attack Supported

How to Use it?


Just Download & Start

Click Scan WiFi

Scan The WiFi & Select Your target WiFi

Attack Network Security

Click and Attack Security Key Online in 1 minute

Get the Password

Finally, get the Password

Really amazing software, I hacked my neighbors WiFi in 10 minutes. Now, i rule all the neighborhood WiFi. You rock guys!!

Ranjit Patel


I really wanna thank-you for giving this software for free. I would have paid 100$ also if it was a paid version. Wherever I go I use this software to Hack WiFi and get free Internet Access.


Matthew P. Blanco

Accord Investments

This Software is really easy to use. Just few clicks and i can get every WiFi Password i want. Really love it!!

Elvira S. Thomas

Localization translator

Click Download Button to get WiFi Cracker Software and hack WiFi Passwords…

Latest 2.0 version of wifi hacker software is divided in to several modules. Starting with scanning of ports, this simple modules take only few seconds to get you all of the SSID information and posts information of the network. Then key generation module is divided into three different part, which you can find in the tutorial section how to use them. Then comes injecting the scripts for gathering all of the related information.


Frequently Asked Questions!

Is it really Free?

Yes it is because we are the group of people who love to do community work.
And hence, we wanna give out WiFi Password Hacker completely free to the world.

Does this work with my Mac?

Sorry, but the architecture of Mac is different than Windows. But, we are working on creating for Mac OS also. But we do support iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 6.

Is it Safe to use?

Yes. The software is completely free of Virus and no harm will be done to your computer.

Is it Legal to use this?

This is the question you should ask yourself.
We are in no way responsible if you get caught by using this Software.

Will it really hack WPA2?

Yes we have 99% success in cracking WEP & 95% in hacking WPA2. But, you may fall along the 5% so good luck 🙂